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God created you on purpose, for a purpose. If your life feels dull, boring, and unfulfilling... something is wrong. 


Hi! I'm so glad you're reading this. I'm Tarryn, a Christian Life Coach, Author and Speaker and I'm obsessed with helping unfulfilled women step out of the darkness of the valley and into their calling God has for them.

"For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them."   -Ephesians 2:10

"I just want to be happy and fulfilled in my life. I'm sick of barely getting by."

"I know I'm created for something more but where do I start?"

I want to make passive income online but not in a Network Marketing model.

Co-creating your life with God, walking in your true calling, waking up feeling alive with a grateful heart and living the life you've always desired.

The devil is trying everything to keep this from happening.
He FIRST tries to keep us in the valley.

The valley is a place that you feel:
Burnt out
Flat out exhausted

"If the devil can keep you in the valley, you'll never do anything extraordinary."

His SECOND trick is to keep you so busy that you don't possibly have time to connect with God and that means you're never able to find out what your purpose is causing you to live a life where you feel like you can never catch up or get ahead.

5 videos to help you discover your true purpose here on earth in order to become abundant, fulfilled and FREE. 

VIDEO 1: Welcome

You get clear instructions on how to take this course to get the most out of it. You'll get a worksheet to help you evaluate where you are mentally right now so you can see the way your mind will change by the end of the course. If you're interested in using your purpose to build a following on Instagram and make an impact online, then you get to use my Instagram Audit to see where your account is at now with clarity and consistency. I will hold your hand the entire way and make sure you are supported and equipped so that you can have the most potential at succeeding.

VIDEO 2: Why Are You Here?

Discover who you were created by and what you were created to become. I explain why it's so hard for us to believe in ourselves and how to overcome it. I give my complete list of tools that I used to change my life and discover my purpose including PDF's of the exact prayers I say daily and scriptures I recite out loud. In this video you will learn about your identity.

VIDEO 3: Your Story

Figure out who you are and what's unique about you. What have you gone through that sets you apart? I have you dig deep and truly evaluate what's on the inside; what trauma and abuse you've been through, what lies you've been told, and what labels have been placed on you that have held you back from your purpose. This will help you to see from a clearer perspective and navigate down the path that God wants you to walk down.

VIDEO 4: Your Person

Clarify who you're passionate to help and brainstorm ways you can accomplish this. Learn how creating a brand that is personally connected to you and your passions can further the kingdom and produce passive income leading you to financial and time freedom. We explain Instagram and other social platforms you can use to help your person that you're broken for and also stand out in a sea of a billion people doing the same. Then I address the #1 thing you'll have to overcome in order to be successful with this (it took me 7 years to figure this one out). 

VIDEO 5: Your Brand

Learn what a brand is, why you need one, and the different types you can create. If you're interested in growing a following on social media, I'll teach you about the apps I use, the softwares I run that help me to automate and free up more time. I show you how to take photos that stand out, what your profile picture should be, the exact format your bio should be written in to convert "visitors" into followers. I outline the highlights you should have and consistency on your posts. I teach on having a call to action on every post and what that is and how to create a free offer to add people to your email lists. You'll even get my resources of who you should work with next and follow on Instagram so that you can continue to walk into success with social/influencer marketing. 

You're burnt out
Looking for purpose
You stopped dreaming
Sick of sacrificing 
Consider yourself to be "in the valley"
Hate your job
Hate your life
Feel like you're just existing or surviving
Living paycheck to paycheck
Denying yourself
Don't have a relationship with Jesus and want one
Have no self-worth
Have an idea but don't know how to execute it
Want to grow your influence on Instagram
Want to make an impact and change the world
Want to discover your true purpose
Sick of doing life on your own
Need to heal past wounds
Just want to be happy
Don't know what you want to be when you grow up

"I would 100% recommend Tarryn’s course to any woman that is ready to find themselves. If you are truly looking to change and become the best version of yourself get ready because you found the place to make it happen!" 

"After binging all 5 videos in the FYP course I slept better than I have in idk how long. I slept through the night (which it’s been years) and I woke up not only before sunrise but I woke up so well-rested, so refreshed and filled with peace and joy. Highly recommend this to any women looking for her purpose."
- Becca

"Before I found Tarryn's' course I felt like my life was falling apart. I wasn't the mom, wife, nurse or person I knew I could be. With her help and motivation I have discovered who I truly am and what I was put on this Earth to do! I turned 40 this year. This has been the best and most exciting year of my life! With Tarryn's help I've been able to make a transformation in every aspect of my life and for once I can say that I am truly happy!"
- Angela

"Finding this course was no accident. I was struggling with my business, needing it to grow, wanting so much more out of life, but not really knowing what that was. God placed Tarryn in my path to slow me down to get back to what was really important. Only then could I gain clarity and fully commit to my purpose and plan that God has for me."

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This course; Find Your Purpose comes as a complimentary FREE gift to anyone who purchases my BEST-SELLING course: Build Your Purpose. Click HERE to go there now.

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